'Jacob wakes up on new years day in the house of a stranger, unaware that the next 11 minutes will alter his life forever... Amongst discovering make-up smudged on his face and an uncomplimentary blonde wig nesting on his head, he also discovers his wife in bed with her boss; a spindly Bar-Manager with an over though haircut.... Jacob spirals out of control, the only person left to pick up the pieces is his hapless,drugged-up friend,Ginger.... Drunk and at an all night cafe, Ginger suddenley bumps into the mysterious Gent....The Gentleman explains that he runs a company known as The Confidence Restoration Ltd. The idea is this: A group of trained actors will create 5 situations over a week that will give Jacob a sense of oblivious empowerment. He explains the 5 steps will be designed to make Jacob feel: ♥ Brave ♥ Lucky ♥ Kind-spirited ♥ Attractive ♥ & Adventurous ♥ ....and that is where the trouble starts....';


My short horror story, 'Pub Quiz' is now out in paperback in the great, short-horror collection; 'Nightmare Massacre'. Many thanks to Steven at Severance Publications.

'Pub Quiz – A chilling story with a twist. Pub Quiz tells the story of an alcoholic who, after losing his wife and kids, succumbs to the reality of infinite repetition'.